Enjoy the station cafe, free wi-fi and data points, and find out what's on in the area.

Use the touchscreens to explore:

  • Local businesses, community, voluntary organisations and services
  • Areas of interest and places to visit
  • Places to shop & eat
  • Footpaths, cycling routes, bridleways
  • Protected areas and the organisations looking after them.

Enjoy the history of the East Suffolk Railway: a digital exhibition focussing on its development, role and important contribution to our area from the Victorian era to the 1990s. The railway opened in 1859 with a significant impact on the local area and economy. Dip into the exhibition to understand its history or use it as a resource for key stage learning.

Check train times or any delays on the real-time train information board.

Visit our events page here and book a place on an event or activity in one of our four meeting rooms. Or, get in touch here to propose an interest group and let's see if we can get it up and running.