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About us

Station House Community Connections Ltd is a Charitable Community Benefit Society incorporated in 2013, to bring the Station House, dormant since 2005, back to life as a new community amenity for the local area and beyond. The aim is to combine its historical purpose and heritage with a community function.

Its structure as a member-based Society permits both fundraising and trading activities. The Society’s charitable objects define its purpose and the scope of its operations, to ensure its activities remain of benefit to the wider public we are able provide a mix of free and paid for services. Every penny spent at the Station House keeps it alive and kicking, to bring as much benefit to the area as we can, whether you are living, working or just passing by. Link to our Charitable Objects.

In 1859 the original railway line and station at Campsea Ashe were part of the national revolution in transport and the telegram. Whilst such feats seem small in comparison to the modern world, our challenge is to ensure it is fit for purpose well into the 21st century, and continuing to meet the needs of our communities.

The fundraising campaign for the building’s regeneration began in earnest in 2012. A huge and sincere THANK YOU to everyone who has supported the Station House regeneration; from individuals, businesses, organisations and funders to all those unrecorded people who have baked cakes, helped at and attended our fundraising events.  It could not have been achieved without you.


Trustee-Directors - Peter Marett, Robert Webb (Secretary), Stephen Yelland
Manager & Founder Trustee - Rosamund Webb
Assistant - Deborah Ireland